Planned Giving

Jenn Cronin Ensures Future KD Success with Planned Gift Using Her Roth IRA

Jenn CroninFor Jenn Cronin (Alpha Sigma-New Hampshire), KD came along at just the right time to make a big difference in her life, which is why she has named the Kappa Delta Foundation as the beneficiary of her Roth IRA.

After a busy high school life in small-town New Hampshire, Jenn was feeling a little disconnected during her freshman year at the University of New Hampshire. A friend introduced her to KD, and that’s when things took a dramatic turn for the better—at the University and ever since.

Now, Jenn is returning the favor by naming the foundation as beneficiary of her Roth IRA and soon her will. It was “very easy to do—and you don’t pay any money now,” she says.

Jenn is confident her planned gift will provide an education to future KD members, helping them succeed in all facets of their lives. She credits KD with helping her gain a broader perspective and the life skills she has used in her career and volunteer work.

“Just do it!” Jenn says, urging fellow alumnae to make a similar gift. “You’re leaving something to this organization that has changed your life and given you opportunities and the best people in your life. Why not continue that for others?”


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